Like Allganic® products, our story is beautifully simple.

Two doctors who became parents, we began looking for skincare to suit our children and were overwhelmed by the amount of online information and lengthy product ingredient lists. As medical practitioners with a passion for providing effective but gentle solutions, we knew there had to be a better way.  Ideas and dreams flowed around the dinner table about how we could benefit families with our expertise, always returning to these questions:

1. What products do our children really need?

2. Can we make them safe and suitable for children and adults with sensitive skin?

The answers, again, simple.

1. Our children only need to be cleansed and moisturised.


Knowing the lengths we would go to for the health of our own children, we knew other parents would feel the same. Our commitment: To only use the highest quality, natural origin ingredients. To have our entire range suit all people with sensitive skin and make it safe for the whole family to use. The result is a premium range of hypoallergenic, dermatologist certified skincare that contains no nasty chemicals and can be used in the simplest of routines by everyone.